Chocolate and Coconut Brownies over mascarpone cream caramel with a touch of cream biscuits, coconut sorbet ball and strawberries. Hot chocolate comes with a white and brown.

colorful carrots, radish, black sesame, red cabbage, white cabbage, spicy chili, sunflower sprouts, micro coriander and pickled ginger with peanuts in an Asian vinaigrette sauce.

Finely sliced raw salmon seasoned with lemon, coarse salt, olive oil, cranberries and purple onion, served on a bed of avocado with toast.

inside-out filled with chopped tuna, mayonnaise, chili and cucumber, wrapped with avocado and Yuzu lemon sauce

s variety of vegetables stir fried with tofu and soy.

Huriccane roll, typhoon roll.

Mexican roll, lihi roll, crazy nigiri (2 pcs).

Seared tuna sandwich, caterpiller.

Spicy shrimps tempura crispy and spicy sesame.

Unagi kimo tempura crispy, spicy sesame.